Susan McNett - Chairperson

Kenneth Partridge - Vice Chairperson 

Daniel Grimshaw - Secretary

Thomas Bardwell

Paula Cavanaugh

David Griesing

Marianne Harrington

Joann Helmbold

Janet Huff

Brenda Ryan

Walter Szostak

Vacancy - Click here if interested in becoming a Board Member for TBHS.

Board composition is set by the Mental Health Code as stipulated in section 330.1222.(1).

The composition of a Community Mental Health Services board shall be representative of providers of mental health services, recipients, or primary consumers of mental health services, agencies, and occupations having a working involvement with mental health services and the general public. At least 1/3 of the membership shall be primary consumers and family members, and of that 1/3 at least two members shall be primary consumers. All board members shall be 18 years of age or older.




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