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Following the settlement of several lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors of opioids, the State of Michigan is drafting legislation to establish a fund directing settlement dollars to support substance use services and abate harm created by opioids.

In order to gauge the priorities of Michigan residents and key stakeholders for the use of these funds, MDHHS requests that you complete the following survey, linked in English, Spanish, and Arabic below. The survey will take about 20 minutes:

MDHHS Opioid Settlement Survey

Prioridades sobre los Asentamientos de Opioides

أولويّات التسْويات القضائية للمواد الأفيونية


 mystrength tagline

We all struggle with our moods at times. Anxious or depressive thoughts can weigh us down. Some of us may struggle with drugs or alcohol. Seeking help and focusing on your mental health is important. Now you can use web and mobile tools to help you get better and stay mentally strong. myStrength is confidential - just for you. It offers personalized resources to improve your mood. Learning to use myStrength’s tools can help overcome the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse.

1. Visit
2. On the home page, click on “Sign-up.”
3. Enter the following Access Code if you live within Tuscola County: Tuscola - If you live outside of Tuscola County enter: Outreach
4. Complete the myStrength sign-up process with a brief Wellness Assessment and personal profile.
5. Go Mobile! Using the access code above, get the myStrength app for iOS and Android devices at 

Please provide feedback about myStrength using the following survey link:  myStrength survey


The staff of Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems (TBHS) would like to welcome you and your family.  We provide effective, comprehensive, quality treatment to help you deal with your struggles, whether related to mental illness, developmental disability, or co-existing substance use disorder.  Co-existing means having two conditions at once, such as a mental illness and a substance use disorder.  TBHS recognizes that reaching out for help can be hard.  TBHS wants you to know that working together with you and if you choose, your family, helps build the necessary partnership to address your needs openly with care and respect.  We will listen to you in detail, call you by your name and accept you as a person.

No Wrong Door and Many Right Doors…

TBHS has a “No Wrong Door” policy.  This means that you will be assessed and receive care and treatment no matter where you enter our system.  This includes service supports and collaboration to help address your identified needs.  If there is a problem with eligibility for services, you will be assisted in finding the right supports and services in the community as well.  This is an ongoing process as we strive to provide seamless and personally meaningful care.

Our Guiding Principles…

  • Your care is comprehensive - it meets your needs individually and covers all areas of need.

  • ~  Your care is timely - care is delivered quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.

  • ~  You and your recovery are priorities - we are responsive to assisting and supporting you in your journey toward prolonged wellness.

  • ~  Your care environment is of great importance - our facilities are quiet, comfortable, safe and clean.

  • ~  Your care is targeted to your situation - care is geared toward respect of all ages, races, cultures, gender, orientation, urgency of need and individual need.

  • ~  Your care is delivered in an open, accepting environment - TBHS staff work hard to gain and improve the skills and approaches necessary to address through treatment the behaviors and issues that go into mental health, substance abuse, developmental disabilities and co-existing disorders.

  • ~  Your feedback is essential - your level of satisfaction helps us know how to improve our system of care.


As an essential service facility, TBHS will continue to provide mental health services during the
COVID-19 outbreak.  If you or a loved one are in need of our services during this time, please call
989-673-6191 or 800-462-6514.  Emergency Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. (Updated 3/23/2020)

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