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Anti Stigma

Stigma is the feeling of fear or shame associated with mental illness. Despite an abundance of medical and other scientific information about mental illness, some people still believe it is a topic that should never be spoken about in public and that it is a sign of moral or personal weakness.

Stigma is ignorance – not having enough knowledge or information to really understand what mental illness is all about. Stigma includes name-calling, making jokes at the expense of those who suffer from mental illness, and perpetuating myths about the mentally ill. Stigma hurts those who work very hard to battle their illnesses. It also hurts those who have lost a loved one to suicide due to mental illness or who are trying to support their loved one as they cope with mental illness.

How can you fight stigma? First, educate yourself about mental illness. Then, use this information to inform others when you believe they do not understand the realities of mental illness. Finally, speak out. Mental illness is not a topic that should remain in the shadows of secrecy. The more people who are willing to be open about mental illness, the quicker stigma will disappear and those working to overcome these diseases will not have the additional burden of fighting people’s prejudices and false beliefs.

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