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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program

ACT is a team based, community oriented program that provides an inclusive array of services that support Consumers in their recovery journey. The Team works comprehensively with adults who have been diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness and who may be at risk for psychiatric hospitalization.

ACT also provides Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT), for co-occurring disorders for indviduals served that have both a mental health and substance abuse diagnosis, as well as assessing and providing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), for individuals with emotional regulation disorders.

ACT Goals

The ACT Team strives to keep people safe in their community, to reduce their hospitalizations, and to enhance their quality of life. They assist individuals to meet their basic needs, live independently, and maintain medication regimens. The Team strives to lessen or eliminate symptoms of mental illness and prevent a reoccurrence of acute episodes of the illness.

The Treatment Model

Includes dedicated professionals from a variety of backgrounds who work together to holistically meet the needs and goals of the individuals served. The Team consists of a psychiatrist, a peer advocate, a Registered Nurse, and Social Workers.

The staff is knowledgeable in areas of vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, substance abuse, and crisis intervention.  This multi-disciplinary team assists individuals to meet their choice of goals, by bringing their expertise and collaborating on the delivery of services.

ACT Services

ACT Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Team contact is based on individual need and no limits are placed on the length of time a person receives services.

The majority of services are provided within the individual's home. Emphasis is placed on the indidvidual served being an active participant in treatment and recovery. The Team provides medication management and therapeutic services. The Team assists individuals in coordinating services with other community agencies and primary care physicians.


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