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Community Bound Volunteer Program

Is provided through the Personal Independence Center for individuals with developmental disabilities. As part of their efforts to be active, participating members of the community, the individuals volunteer their time in support of community activities and non-profit organizations throughout the county.

The intent is to integrate individuals into their community through volunteer situations, as well as, utilizing the community resources for skill building and knowledge base.  TBHS staff members will be with participants while they get acquainted to the project.


∼  To become more independent, and correspondingly, more included in their community.

∼  Skill development in real situations.

∼  To work as respected individuals along side others in the community. Increased community awareness of disabilities to erase the stigma associated           with a disability.

∼  Develop natural resources - new friends, new experiences.

∼  Create a possible link to employment opportunities.

∼  Continued development in interpersonal and socialization skills.

∼  Develop good work habits.

∼  Develop an understanding of helping other within the community.

Community Bound Volunteers...

The Community Bound Volunteers are to assist with projects/events and not to replace a paid position or interfere with paid labor force. The work materials are supplied by the community organization/agency requesting assistance.
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