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Self-Directed Services

Self-Directed Services incorporates a set of concepts and values that underscore a core belief that individuals who require support through the public mental health system must have the freedom to define the life they seek, and obtain assistance to achieve that life. Individuals need to have access to meaningful choices, and to be assured of control over the course of their lives.

The Four Principles of Self-Directed Services Freedom: The ability for an individual with chosen family and/or friends to plan a life with necessary supports.

Authority: The ability for an individual to control a certain sum of dollars in order to purchase support services, with help of a social network or circle of friends and family members, if needed.

Support: The arranging of resources and personnel, to assist an individual to live a life rich in community associations and contributions.

Responsibility: The acceptance of a valued role in the community through employment, community connections, as well as, accountability for spending public dollars in ways that makes a person’s life better.

For more information on Self-Directed Services at Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems, contact the Self-Directed Services Coordinator at 989-673-6191.

Click here to download the Self-Directed Services Brochure.


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