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Appeals Process

You will be given notice when a decision is made that denies your request for services or reduces, suspends, or terminates the services you already receive.  You have the right to file an "appeal" when you do not agree with such a decision.  There are time limits on when you can file an appeal once you receive a decision about your services.

You may:

Ask for a "Local Appeal" by contacting Customer Service at 888.482.8269.

If you have Medicaid/Healthy Michigan plan, you can ask at any time for a Medicaid Fair Hearing before an administrative law judge (a state appeal) after your local appeal is done and you still do not agree with the final decision.

If you do not have Medicaid or Healthy Michigan plan, you can request a MDHHS Alternative Dispute Resolution after your local appeal is done and you still do not agree with the final decision.  Your appeal will be completed quickly, and you will have the chance to provide information or have someone speak for you regarding the appeal.  You may ask for assistance from Customer Services to file an appeal.

Process for Grievances

You have the right to say that you are unhappy with your services or supports or the staff who provide them, by filing a "grievance."  You can file a grievance any time by calling, visiting, or writing to the Customer Services, 909 Washington Avenue, Suite 3, Bay City, MI 48708.  Assistance is available in the filing process by contacting Customer Services at 888.482.8269.  You will be given detailed information about grievance and appeal processes when you first start services and then again annually.  You may ask for this information at any time by contacting the Customer Services Office at the phone number above.


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