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Children's Services work with children and the family unit. Services are primarily provided in the family home or community and vary in intensity, application, and duration depending on the needs of the child and the family. Children's Services are designed through a planning process that mandates the active participation of the family in the child's treatment process.

Program Goals...

∼  Promote normal development;

∼  Promote healthy family functioning;

∼  Support and preserve families;

∼  Reunite families who may have been separated;

∼  Reduce the usage of, or shorten the length of stay in the hospital or residential setting.

Services Provided...

Children's Services are designed to provide intensive services to children and their families within their home and community, including:

∼  Case Management Services

∼  Child and Family Therapy

∼  Child and Family Skill Building

∼  Crisis Intervention

∼  Group Therapy

∼  Parenting Education

∼  Psychiatric Services

∼  Respite Services

Children's Services staff is committed to helping families access community resources and to advocate on behalf of families. Credentialed staff work closely with community agencies to assure appropriate interventions and courses of treatment are planned for each child and family.


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