Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower individuals and families on their journey toward wellness and recovery by providing access to comprehensive behavioral health care services in our community.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is to assure the accessibility of effective community services that empower individuals and families to achieve an enhanced quality of life.

Guiding Values for Our Organization

The people charged with carrying out the mission of Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems value the following:

Dedication:  For Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems, dedication means determination of purpose. It is embodied in our commitment to excellence in all we do in remaining loyal to our organizational cause and our partnership with consumers.

Dignity:  We believe in a welcoming environment in which each individual is treated with dignity and respect.

Empowerment:  We believe in the empowerment of individuals to reach their greatest potential and to take ownership in decisions regarding their lives and their recovery.

Quality:  For Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems, excellence can be measured in the extent to which we help people achieve the quality of life they deserve. We empower our staff to develop and implement innovative approaches to their work and are committed to ongoing performance improvement.


Accountability: We measure these guiding principles yearly through performance reviews.


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