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Family Support Subsidy Program

The Family Support Subsidy (FSS) Program provides financial assistance to families that include a child with severe developmental disabilities.  The intent is to help make it possible for children with developmental disabilities to remain with or return to their birth or adoptive families.  The program provides a monthly payment of $300.36.  Families are able to use this money for special expenses incurred while caring for their child.


∼  Child must be younger than 18 years of age and live in the family home in Michigan. 
∼  The family's most recently filed Michigan income tax form must show a taxable income of $60,000 or less. 
∼  The Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team of the local public or intermediate school district must recommend the child for an educational eligibility                     category of severe cognitive impairment, severe multiple impairment or autism spectrum disorder.
∼  Children with autism spectrum disorder must be receiving special education services in a program for students with autism spectrum disorder or in a           program for students with severe cognitive impairment or severe multiple impairments.

Applications are available at all county community mental health services programs (CMHSPs). 

Helpful link:

TBHS Contact Person:  Kathy - Children's Services

Telephone: 989.673.6191


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