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Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems is excited to offer state of the art telemedicine services to individuals as part of our commitment to quality services. 

Telemedicine will provide individuals with an easy way of interacting with a psychiatrist in real-time just as if the psychiatrist was sitting next to them.  Individuals will have the opportunity of seeing, hearing, and speaking with the psychiatrist and discussing their plan of care through video conferencing (television monitor).  Telemedicine is the use of audio and video telecommunication systems to link individuals with psychiatric services from another location to TBHS.

Individuals will have timely access to psychiatric services and will continue with the same doctor throughout their recovery.  Appointments will be private and confidential, consistent with TBHS standards of practice.  The appointment will be between the individual and the telemedicine psychiatrist only.  Other individuals may attend the appointment, upon the individual's request.  Upon request, a demonstration of how the equipment works can be provided to individuals who may be interested in trying telemedicine.


Telemedicine Flyer


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