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TBHS Guiding Principles

Your care is comprehensive - it meets your needs individually and covers all areas of need.

Your care is timely - care is delivered quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.

You and your recovery are priorities - we are responsive to assisting and supporting you in your  journey toward prolonged wellness.

Your care environment is of great importance - our facilities are quiet, comfortable, safe and clean.

Your care is targeted to your situation - care is geared toward respect of all ages, races, cultures, gender, orientation, urgency of need and individual need.

Your care is delivered in an open, accepting environment - TBHS staff work hard to gain and improve the skills and approaches necessary to address through treatment the behaviors and issues that go into mental health, substance abuse, developmental disabilities and co-existing disorders.

Your feedback is essential - your level of satisfaction helps us know how to improve our system of care.

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